What do your treatments consist of?

I use a combination of stretching, fascial release (using the rockblade/graston technique), deep tissue work  (using my hands and the Raptor) and osteopathic joint and spinal adjustments (“cracking”). By working on the fascia, muscles and the joints I cover all bases to get the best possible results on the day.

What’s the difference between the Elite Treatment and Standard Treatment?

The simple answer is time. My aim is to make the biggest improvements to your body tailored to your specific needs or problem in the time we have.                           

If you give me an hour that’s 25% extra time for me to do that work for you. I always recommend the Elite Treatment for a first appointment regardless of the problem.

After that it’s entirely your choice. If you have a specific pain or problem eg. your neck is stiff, or left shoulder hurts, 45 mins would be sufficient to cover this. 

If it’s for more than one problem or you want to give me enough time to work on issues I find that you may not be aware of, or simply to get the maximum results from your session on the day then I recommend an hour.

What’s your education and background? Are you qualified to do these treatments?

I studied Osteopathic Medicine for 5 years and graduated with a Master’s degree in 2014. I studied at the specialised Surrey Institue of Osteopathic Medicine and my degree is from the prestigious University of Surrey. I now have 6 years of clinical experience.

I’m a fully qualified and registered Osteopath insured to practice and use the specialised techniques that I do.

My local therapist or practitioner is cheaper than you. Why is your treatment more expensive?

I studied a highly challenging in depth Medical degree for 5 years at University to learn the skills that I have. That level of knowledge and practice comes at a price. Out of all manual therapists Osteopaths and Chiropractors have the longest study time. The average rate for an Osteopath or Chiropractor in London is around £50 to £60 for 30 mins. 

My Elite Treatments are an hour at around the average rate. I prefer doing an hour or at least 45 mins to get the best results for my clients. I could easily roll out much shorter, less intensive and effective treatments for 30 mins all day and earn the same. I choose to focus on results which is what my clients pay for.

You can see the Before and After videos of my treatments on my instagram and website. Have you seen these kind of results elsewhere? ? My treatments are genuinely life changing for some clients and the quality of my work speaks for itself. No other therapists that I am aware of are documenting this level of results, so consistently and in such a short time frame.

The truth is for the level of work I do, the uniqueness of my treatments and the changes I make my rate is cheap. I focus on giving value to my clients. My intention is always to do the most and best that I can to ensure they’re happy.

  • How many sessions will it take to treat X, Y or Z?

The truth is I have never met you or performed any assessment. I cannot tell you how many sessions it will take to treat a certain problem over the internet or phone. 

You can see from my videos that I’m completely results focused. You can also see the consistent amazing results I have had with clients who have different problems, many of them for long periods of time in just 1 hour treatments. If I can fix your problem on the day believe me, I will be more than happy to do so. That is always my aim.

Depending on the problem, its severity and how long you’ve had it could take more than one session. Even then I won’t waste your time or mine. I don’t believe in block bookings or the need for multiple treatments over periods of time unless absolutely necessary. Even in that case I would expect you to see and feel improvements that you’re happy with from treatment to treatment. If not then I wouldn’t continue treating you. My reputation matters very much to me and I always work with honesty and integrity.